Daniel Somlo, Co-Founder/Head of Booking at Budapest Showcase Hub aka. BUSH (ETEP member showcase festival+conference) for eight years.

He has been working as an A&R at Eastaste Music (the only all-Central-Eastern European music licensing agency) for ten+ years where he signed more than 300 artists from 16 countries of the region, and represented them for sync and licensing.

After he left the company, took over the hottest new Budapest venue, Turbina’s programming as an international promoter for the first year of their operation. Since then he’s working as an individual promoter and booker for INOTA Festival.

Also as a consultant in all fields + distribution

He has worked with hundreds of artists/managements/agents/labels/publishers and has an extensive network of key music industry players across all Europe with a strong focus on Central-Eastern Europe and it’s rising new music scene.

A frequent visitor of international music conferences/festivals and a true cultural missionary.