Ante Zvonimir Stamać is a versatile music professional active in the Zagreb scene for over 15 years. He works as a manager and leads the OOO Booking agency. Additionally, he is the label manager for 383 Records and the COO of the Bear Stone Festival.

He has experience in various roles, such as the program manager of the club KSET in Zagreb, founder of the concert series ZEZ (Institute for Experimental Sound), label manager of PDV Records, and lecturer of the Music Business course at the EMI College.

During the pandemic, he acted as the creative director of the Remote Festival, a unique augmented reality event. He is an award-winning album cover designer, music producer, and sound designer. He is a member of the BTY Crew, which owns the largest collection of Void Acoustics audio systems in the region.

At the WMMC, he acts as International Project Manager and also works as a booker for the SHIP Showcase festival and music conference.