The long-awaited sales exhibition of Branislav Babić Kebra will be held at the most unusual spot in Cetinjska Street in Belgrade – in the ‘Tower’ of the former Bajloni brewery.

The exhibition of digital drawings of the frontman of Obojeni program will be opened as part of the sixth Kontakt Conference, on Thursday 24 March at 5 p.m..

For almost 10 years, Branislav Babić Kebra has been publishing drawings created in the simplest computer programme – ‘Paint’. Since he started keeping a kind of visual diary of an alternative vision of everyday life, in addition to the music of Obojeni program, the public has taken an interest in his drawings as well.

Kebra’s digital drawings have been exhibited twice in Belgrade so far, and for the first time in eight years, his geometric abstractions, which have become an indispensable part of pop culture, will be exhibited in multiple physical forms and formats. The exhibition of digital drawings by Branislav Babić Kebra runs from 24 to 31 March and will be open every day from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

‘Kebra’s drawings are, above all, a separate world; there is something that is transferred from drawing to drawing. In the hierarchy of creatures, regardless of their personal fate, all of them without exception are joyful. Therefore, it can be said that a prevailing emotion, an artistic emotion in the paintings is a feeling of joy, or rather some reasonless cheerfulness, although we do not see why they are cheerful, they could be sad too. The creatures are dancing! ! It is as if they are aware that they are in a drawing, and according to that fact, they are posing. But what kind of creatures are they? Hybrid creatures, half girl, half cat, half boy, half dog. However, most often they are bird-like, parrot-like characters who look as if they are trying to tell us something, or are up to some mischief. When it comes to the human figures, of course, they are quite unusual. They are presented in pairs. Are they trying to have a fight with each other or are they rushing into each other’s arms? In any case, they are looking for one another. They are wearing crowns on their heads, or maybe that is a flame, their brains are burning. Does it speak of their need to ascend, to rise to a higher level, or to burn out, to disappear? At the same time, the tendency towards abstraction is visible. Simplicity elevates these characters above the real, or better said, the natural. Placed on iconography en face, nailed to symbols, they look through the observer, look into some other world in which we find ourselves or do not find ourselves. On us who observe them, they have a hypnotic effect. It should also be said that this style of painting is pop, in low resolution and in a catalog palette, it is close to comics. Of course, it is a result of the rock sensibility of the author and that is precious, at least to me, I like that. There is no good art without rock and roll.’ Slobodan Tišma



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