23 March, 8 p.m.
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Mr. Lee & IvaneSky are coming to Belgrade for the first time and will present themselves in full live lineup in the format of a real supergroup which, along with Ivanka and Mrle, also include members of Let 3 and Paraf.
The musical collective Mr. Lee & IvaneSky, backed by life and musical partners Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle, will finally present themselves to the Belgrade audience in full live lineup, as part of the Kontakt Music Conference, Showcase and Festival. They are preparing an exclusive performance at Anti Shop Elektropionir.
Due to their unique creative art approach, Mr. Lee & IvaneSky undoubtedly deserve a place on the world stage, which was recognized by the umbrella European Independent Music Companies Association – IMPALA, when last year they were included in the list of 100 independent European artists whose careers should be followed.
Musical eclecticism, brilliant rearrangement and merging of genres in the creation and performance of music, Mrle’s sound installations and pioneering musical patents that work perfectly even outside the framework of the performances themselves, which they are also a part of, as well as their accompanying musical representation that could easily play on any of world scenes led by Ivanka and Mrle, which like magnets attract and unite unique creative people and artists of various profiles, is a unique phenomenon on our meridians and parallels.
Mrle and Ivanka have been present on the music scene for a long time: Mrle first of all as the driving force of Let 3, and before that a member of the cult Rijeka band Termiti, and Ivanka as a singer and face of the favorite art pop group Stampedo. The story began with their engagement on the soundtrack of the film ‘Sonja and the Bull’ (Sonja i bik, 2012), and a year later they signed the soundtrack of another hit film ‘Cowboys’ (Kauboji, 2013). The official birth of Mr. Lee & IvaneSky resulted in the acclaimed debut album ‘Colors’ (2016), followed by ‘Sailor’ (2019) and ‘I’m Alive’ (2021) as well as the current album ‘Magelli’, a release that skillfully combines music and theatre, this time in honor of one of the most respected directors of this region, Paolo Magelli, with whom they have been collaborating on a series of performances for more than a decade.
Mr. Lee & IvaneSky push boundaries and use different art forms with every album, live performance and video they release. In their artistic expression, they combine different styles: from atmospheric theatre and film music, cabaret and jazz to experimental rock, electro, pop-punk and classical music, as well as innovative sounds created from new unusual instruments that Mrle creates sometimes just to get one specific sound or the tone for a specific song such as his project of recording the sound of his hometown Rijeka (2020 European Capital of Culture), for their album and project ‘Sailor’.
2021. In 2021, Mr. Lee & IvaneSky released their third studio album ‘I’m Alive’, inspired by the music they created for the avant-garde play of the Žak Valenta Modern Dance Theatre and Trafik Production, conceived as a tribute to Michael Clarke and the punk revolution. This album received praise from critics and the entire cultural scene. The leading single and music video ‘Hello, How Low’ were also presented to the public by Mrle’s new alter ego – DJ Demian, who came to life to present his creative electronic expression. The video for ‘Hello, How Low’ was directed by Saša Hess, a famous Slovenian photographer and director, with whom Mr. Lee & IvaneSky have already made the notable videos ‘A Good Actor’, ‘Sailor’ and ‘Gundruck’.
In the same year, in addition to releasing a new album and several revolutionary videos, Mr. Lee & IvaneSky represented Croatia at the international Art’s Birthday project, with the ‘Sailor’ project, and created music for the theatre play ‘I Am the One Who I am Not’ (Ja sam ona koja nisam) by Paolo Magelli, released under the signature of Ivanka and Mrle, what also led to the release of the aforementioned ‘Magelli’ edition, which was recently also released on vinyl.
Mr. Lee & IvaneSky are coming to Belgrade for the first time and will present themselves in full live lineup in the format of a real supergroup as part of the Kontakt Music Conference, Showcase and Festival, on 23 March at Anti Shop Elektropionir. Along with Mrle on bass, loops, samples and sound installations and Ivanka Mazurkijević on vocals, there are also Dražen Baljak (Let 3) and Vlado Simcich Vava (Turisti, Paraf, ex-Laufer) on guitars, as well as Ivan Bojčić (Let 3) on the drum. As a special guest, Zoran Prodanović Prlja, vocalist of Let 3, will appear in their joint single ‘Tvoje su misli Eiffelov toranj’.
All this is a guarantee for a real art spectacle, a feast for the eyes and ears and an example of a top musical and stage artistic project that you must not miss.
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