Da li ste baš vi mladi muzički profesionalac u usponu ili poznajete nekog? Nominations are now open until 1st March.

The regional music scene is thriving with fresh and innovative artists, and it’s crucial to support young forces who stand out and show a passion for the music industry. New Faces 2023 provides an opportunity for young music professionals (up to 30 years old) to enter conferences and events as active representatives, learn more about the music industry, network, and showcase their work to experts. Four regional festivals and conferences – MENT Ljubljana (Slovenia), Kontakt (Serbia), SHIP (Croatia), and PIN Music Conference (Macedonia) – have joined forces to gather ten young music professionals in the former Yugoslavia region.

Help us to find 10 young (under 30) music professionals: APPLY HERE

Who are New Faces 2023?

New Faces 2023 are the movers and shakers of the regional music scene, working in various aspects of the industry such as event organizing, booking, management, publishing, music journalism, and production. They stand out with their work ethic and ambition and are always striving to improve.

Nominate a New Faces 2023!

The initial phase of nominations is open until March 1st, and organizers welcome suggestions from the wider audience. Applications can be submitted by third parties who fill out the anonymous application form at the provided link. *Candidates who turned 30 in 2023 are eligible.

What’s in it for NEW FACES 2023?


International representatives of the festivals will review the applications and select the top ten outstanding young professionals. These chosen individuals will be presented in the media and given the chance to participate in regional music conferences. Accommodation and a PRO-pass for at least four partner conferences and festivals in the Balkans are guaranteed for the selected New Faces 2023.

SUBAsoba at Seventh Kontakt – Exhibition Dedicated to Life and Work of Mitar Subotić Suba

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