The legendary band Lačni Franz says goodbye to fans with a regional tour.

‘The time has come to say goodbye in the way that our brand and band deserve. This fall, we say goodbye to our audience with a series of concerts in the region, under the common name, GRAND FINALE, . The concert programme is a selection of songs from all our albums. In the 43 years of the band’s career, we have released 13 studio albums, two live albums and four compilations. We have played over 2000 concerts. From the 1st of January 2023, Lačni Franz goes down in history’ Zoran Predin. Lačni Franz goes down in history.

The legendary Slovenian new wave band led by Zoran Predin is ending its career after 43 years. In the exclusively original music in the initial period of their career, the influences of local folk heritage, jazz, elements of cabaret, blues and the rich experience of Anglo-American art rock and post punk could be heard. Domestic critics often labeled their music as cabaret rock, while today they are labeled internationally as hard indie.

In the timeless lyrics of the songs of Lačni Franz, the lyricist Zoran Predin provokes with irony and sarcasm, mischievously intertwines eroticism with politics and social taboos with dark humor. Most of the lyrics are almost always ambiguous, which is what makes them recognizable and gives them an alibi.
‘In the time of the new wave, Lačni Franz was a group loved by the more demanding audience. Their songs demanded an attitude and an engaged mind. Zoran Predin was recognized both by critics and colleagues as one of the most important Yugoslav rock poets. A kind of new wave Arsen Dedić. Because of those songs, true fans of Lačni Franz overcame the obstacle of the Slovenian language. Because it was worth finding out what was happening within the themes Ne mi dihat za ovratnik, Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice, Jebiveter, Čakaj me, Na svoji strani i večnog Praslovana” –
Petar Janjatovićrock journalist. Since 2014 Lačni Franz has performed in a rejuvenated line-up. Anej Kočevar (bass), Luka Čadež (drums), Boštjan Artiček (keyboards) and Tine Čas (guitar) are fresh blood who play old and new songs with the energy of Lačni Franz from the eighties, and fill the veins of both the youngest audience and skeptical old fans.

On Saturday, 1 October 2022, Lačni Franz will share his grand finale with the audience in Belgrade. Tickets are available at Ticket Vision outlets, as well as online at The first, promotional contingent of tickets costs 1,700 RSD, while the regular price will be 2,000 RSD.
The grand finale of Lačni Franz is the first in a series of the Kontakt Special series organized by the concert agency Odličan Hrčak and the Kontakt Conference – the largest music conference in Serbia, which represents a platform for strengthening the cultural infrastructure of the region.

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