Lana Bauman is the executive producer of Lacha, a company dedicated to working with upcoming artists who show a higher quality of work. Established in 2020, Lacha has already organized more than ten mini festivals, including concerts and jam sessions, and collaborated with some of Maribor’s leading cultural institutions to co-produce some of the city’s biggest festivals and events.

Passionate about rebuilding Maribor’s music scene, Lana is committed to providing young artists with a platform to showcase their work, connect with others in the industry, and create something amazing. By creating events that have a supportive system and bring together artists, audiences, and organizers, Lana is helping to foster a vibrant and thriving music community in Maribor.

With a wealth of experience in event production and a deep love for music and the arts, Lana is a driving force behind Lacha’s success. Through her leadership and vision, she is helping to shape the future of music in Maribor and beyond.