Erik Omeragikj, born 26.12.1994 is a Skopje, North Macedonian based musician, light designer & technician, and stage manager. Since December 2017, he has been working in the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje as a light technician. Inspired by his passion of expressing yourself threw music, he has been touring as a musician, light technician and stage manager, both in North Macedonia and Europe. During his light technician/stage manager tenure he has had the chance of working with bands such as Hardfaced, Dina Jashari, Blackstate, Iskra, Svetlost & Odron Ritual Orchestra, Superhiks and many more. With more than 50 theater plays, and over 300 concerts, under his belt, he has had the chance of working on renowned domestic festivals such as Zdravo Mladi, D Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival, Zemjotres, MakeDox, Cinedays. Outside the borders of North Macedonia, he has worked at festivals and venues such as Street Mode Festival (Thessaloniki), Exit Festival (Novi Sad), Mochvara ( Zagreb) , Klub Feedback ( Nish) and many more.