NEMANJA ĐORĐEVIĆ is a rock photographer, videographer and editor of the music web portal Balkanrock. He is the initiator of the Balkanrock Sessions concert series, which was created in response to the needs of the audience during the pandemic for quality music content, followed by interviews with musicians. Awarded several times for achievements in the field of photography.

He has organized over thirty solo exhibitions in the country and the region and participated in many group photo exhibitions. The exhibitions “Beating drum is a heart” (2020) stand out from the independent activities; “Iskrenost” was created in collaboration with the American band Wovenhand (2017); “Nebeska tema” dedicated to Vlado Divljan (2016); Senke Zvuka (2015); “Raskorak” with the band Block Out (2012). Group activities include participation in traditional exhibitions “Rock Moments” (with Anamarija Vartabedijan and Stanislav Milojković 2020; 2018; 2015). He has exhibited at the Festival of the Serbian Underground in Belgrade, EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac, Demofest in Banja Luka, Dum Dum Fest in Leskovac.

He actively cooperates with various cultural institutions in Serbia. He worked as a photographer and videographer on projects of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade. He is the official photographer of various cultural events, festivals and concerts in Serbia and the region.