The Kontakt Conference is the leading platform for strengthening the cultural infrastructure of the region and a central hub for professionals in the music industry.

Founded and led by a team of Serbian music scene veterans, Kontakt is a unique gathering in Belgrade that encompasses panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and concerts, representing the core of the independent music scene in the region of Balkan.

Our mission is to enhance the cultural and musical infrastructure of the region through connecting, networking, and collaborating among music professionals, artists, and enthusiasts.

Kontakt offers a wide range of activities from panel discussions covering current topics in the music industry, through workshops offering practical knowledge, to exhibitions that visually represent musical culture.

Evenings are reserved for carefully selected concerts and performances that transform the conference into a festival with a lineup that features new as well as proven names.

Vision: We aim for the Kontakt Conference to be a place where professional paths of the Balkans not only intersect but are also built, where ideas are actively exchanged, and collaborations are born spontaneously. To gather a community that values the depth and diversity of musical expression, supports independent production, and actively contributes to the development of the music scene.

We invite you to be part of this story. To write the history and shape the future of music in this region together. To discover new sounds, meet inspiring people, and create life-changing experiences.

Welcome to Kontakt – where music is much more than sound.