Kontakt 4 / Online 21- 22.09.2020. – Endangered Industry: ReCreating Music Business

Covid 19 has threatened a number of industries, but has almost completely stopped one of them. The music industry is going through very difficult times. Practically never since its existence in its modern form, this industry has had a similar challenge. Festivals, promotions, tours, concerts have been canceled. The musicians and all those who maintain this business are left to themselves.

The fourth edition of the Kontakt Conference was canceled just weeks before its regular date in March. The topic was supposed to be dedicated to creating a music business, more precisely to the creators of this industry. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel it.

Although there have been some improvements in the general situation at the moment, we are aware that this crisis will last a long time. That’s why we have decided keep up and hold the Kontakt. With a goal to give answers to numerous questions, this year’s Kontakt, in a modified form, will be held on September 21 and 22, 2020, in digital edition, online. Having in mind the degree of endangerment, the title of this year’s Kontakt is “Endangered Industry”. If conditions allow, we will allow a limited number of visitors in accordance with protection measures.
The speakers of this year’s Kontakt will be published in the coming days.

Kontakt is produced by Marsh Creative Production and Odlican Hrcak.
Kontakt is member of INES – Innovation Network of European Showcases.

Panel Discussions:
The Global Crisis – Resetting the Music Industry
New Forms – Online Music Events
The Future of the Music Industry in New Circumstances
A Season Without Festivals
Digital Platforms as a Solution
How the Governments Can Help Music Industry